Construction Completed on U.S. Marshals Museum in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Fort Smith, Arkansas was the historic site from which frontier marshals launched into the Oklahoma territory. It was right here next to the Arkansas River that, in 2007, former[...]

Tangram Featured in 3Disciple Magazine

3Disciple Magazine Issue #2, Featuring Tangram 3DS It’s 2020, and architectural visualization is all grown up. Over the last decade, archviz has blossomed from a niche service[...]

Tangram 3DS Joins Alliance to Restore Life to Downtown Portsmouth

Our Roots Jared Foley still remembers the days when our team at Tangram 3DS would sit in the market square at the center of downtown Portsmouth and sip coffee while chatting about[...]

Tangram 3DS to be Featured in Architecture in Perspective 35

Kittery-based Tangram 3DS was founded by Stefan Vittori—one of the earliest adopters of arch viz technology—back in 2003. What began as a one-man 3D architectural rendering studio[...]

Quality & Speed: Our 3D Architectural Rendering Service at Tangram 3DS

We know what it’s like to compete for projects in a highly competitive environment.  Architects need their designs to stand out, and they need to act quickly to stay ahead of the[...]

6 Keys to Successful Architecture Marketing With a 360 VR Tour

A stunning design is only as good as your ability to market it to decision-makers. And there’s no better architecture marketing asset than a virtual reality experience. You can[...]

5 Ways Virtual Reality for Architects Can Upgrade Your Presentation

High-definition architectural renderings are a cornerstone of design presentations—but that’s the problem.  While a still rendering can be attractive and will communicate a clear[...]

How to Show, Sell, & Lease With an Immersive Real Estate VR Tour

VR (virtual reality) has been a significant disruptor in both the commercial and residential real estate industries over the last decade. The ability to show, sell, and lease[...]

7 Real Estate Video Ideas That Will Transform Your Presentation

On the one hand, a real estate video—in itself—is a major upgrade over still, flat photographs or renderings of a property. However, there are several advancements in[...]

Remote Project Solutions

This has been a tumultuous couple of weeks. If you’re like many of our clients, your office has moved to working remotely. Among the challenges you may be facing is the need to[...]

The Internationals

PICTURING A HOUSE ON A HILL, BEAUTIFULLY A quote by revered architect Frank Lloyd Wright inspired our visualizations for The Internationals on Meriam Ridge, contemporary, high-end[...]

The Future of the Industry: Working with Autodesk

Earlier this week, our team hosted two Autodesk team members at our Kittery office. We gave Bruno and Jose a tour of the office before settling down over pastries and coffee. As[...]